The Biggest SEO Myths 2016

SEO is a confusing industry, and there are a lot of SEO myths 2016 marketers need to understand (and shake off) if they are going to succeed.

One of the most interesting SEO myths 2016 webmasters have fallen for is the threat of negative SEO. The idea here is that a third party could sabotage your website by linking to it from ‘bad neighbourhoods’ or otherwise tricking the search engines into believing that you are a spammer. It’s hard for negative SEO to work at all, in truth, and even if it does work it’s possible to recover from it by disavowing those bad links.

Another myth is that you can just ‘do SEO’ and then forget about it. This is a myth that has persisted for as long as search engines have existed, but it’s just not true – and it’s something that you really need to accept, and understand. To continue to rank well, you need to be persistent and steady in your SEO efforts. You need to work on promoting your website for a few minutes each week, ideally, to get results that will last.

A final SEO myth is that paying for sponsored links will help you rank organically. This isn’t really true. It will get you traffic, and it will help you grow, but it’s not going to make you suddenly rank better when you stop paying. At best, it might help some bloggers find you so that will write about your business – or otherwise help you to grow, but it’s not a long term fix by yourself.

Don’t be scared of SEO. It is something that you can do for yourself – but really it’s something that you should seek some external help from, at least to make sure that you’re on the right track.

Here are 5 more SEO myths:

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