Modern Day Marketing Tactics

Modern Day Marketing Tactics

The attention span of the average consumer in roughly 8 seconds, the average attention span of a goldfish is 9 seconds.  What is the relevance of this?  It means you have a better shot of interacting with a gold fish than a person.  It also means you have 8 seconds to convert your visitor from a browser to a customer.

Attracting the attention of your customers is harder now than it has ever been and modern marketing needs to rise to the challenges.  People are inundated with ads and companies vying for their attention that they have learned to filter it all out and ignore it.  So how does modern marketing tackle this challenge and get your message out in front of your customers.

Tell a story

It takes something out of the ordinary to attract your visitor’s attention.  There have been dozens of studies done over the years that show your audiences brains are more engaged by storytelling that by reciting facts and data.  Stop and think for a minute of the Superbowl ads, it is hands down the most expensive slot to pay for a commercial.  When it comes to these ads marketing firms bring out the best and many of these commercials win awards.

Case in point the Budweiser commercials with Clydesdales and the puppy, now what do horses and puppies have to do with beer.  Not a damn thing.  It does tell a story of two best friends that refuse to be separated, that tugs the heartstrings.  No the average business can’t afford a Superbowl commercial but you can take a lesson from them in storytelling.  Watch the video to see just how well it works.

Be Clever

Writing content for your website means you need to grab attention quickly, remember you only have 8 seconds so use them wisely.  One of the most common mistakes businesses make especially in communication is the use of language.  Stop sounding so “businessy”, learn about your target customer and speak the language they speak.  Virgin companies do this extremely well.  Don’t be afraid to be witty or funny.

Get to the Point

Remember those 8 seconds…don’t waste them.  Get to the point and do it quickly.  How does your product or service help them?  Visual images and video are extremely effective in capturing attention without wasting time and they convert far better than a straight text based ad.

If you only have 8 seconds of someone’s attention then the importance of knowing your customer is bigger than ever.  Every digital marketing campaign starts with understand your audience and how to get your product in front of them.

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