Digital Marketing Basics

Digital Marketing Basics

Digital marketing is filled with trends, buzzwords and other jargon that gives the marketing community their sense of self importance.  Often the idea of digital marketing scares of business people who aren’t comfortable enough with technology to implement a strategy.  The reality is a lot different, here are some digital marketing basics.  Learn this first and then you can expand your digital marketing efforts from there.

Develop Your Brand

“Develop your brand” does sound like an example of digital marketing jargon but the idea is really simple.  What does your company stand for?  What makes you unique?  Take that information and make sure that every piece of marketing reflects that.  Make sure basic things like logos and taglines stay consistent on your websites, social media, email and everywhere else your business might be featured.  Consistency is key to developing your brand.

Search Engine Optimization

Almost everybody uses Google or some other search engine to find products or service online before they spend a dime.  If you run a local business the SEO is something you need to get familiar with and soon.  Digital marketing companies can help you reach the top of the search results pages when someone searches for a term related to your business.  SEO has one of the best ROI of any marketing campaign you can launch.

Content Marketing

There is a saying “content is king” which means that your site needs original content that is updated regularly.  Your site and content needs to be fresh and properly optimized to work on all devices.  The easiest way to keep your site updated with fresh content is to start a blog and contribute to it regularly.  Even small businesses can benefit from having a blog.

Social media

Social media, when used properly, can play a huge role in your marketing success.  The problem is most business owners don’t know how to tap into the potential of social media.  First pick two or three different platforms and focus on those.  Your first instinct is to choose Facebook, but the reality is Facebook has a pretty terrible level of engagement.  If you work in a visual medium like food, interior design, architecture or anything like that you may be better served by Pinterest.  If you cater to millennials then Snapchat has better engagement than any other platform.

Sales and Conversions

The whole purpose to having a marketing campaign is to turn browsers into customers.  Digital marketing campaigns are there to help you do that, they can also provide the tools to measure your results.  Tools like Google Analytics give you comprehensive information of where your visitors are coming from and what they do once they reach your site.  You can measure which campaigns turn into sales and conversions.  The fact that it is a free tool makes it that much better.

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