The Biggest SEO Myths 2016

SEO is a confusing industry, and there are a lot of SEO myths 2016 marketers need to understand (and shake off) if they are going to succeed.

One of the most interesting SEO myths 2016 webmasters have fallen for is the threat of negative SEO. The idea here is that a third party could sabotage your website by linking to it from ‘bad neighbourhoods’ or otherwise tricking the search engines into believing that you are a spammer. It’s hard for negative SEO to work at all, in truth, and even if it does work it’s possible to recover from it by disavowing those bad links.

Another myth is that you can just ‘do SEO’ and then forget about it. This is a myth that has persisted for as long as search engines have existed, but it’s just not true – and it’s something that you really need to accept, and understand. To continue to rank well, you need to be persistent and steady in your SEO efforts. You need to work on promoting your website for a few minutes each week, ideally, to get results that will last.

A final SEO myth is that paying for sponsored links will help you rank organically. This isn’t really true. It will get you traffic, and it will help you grow, but it’s not going to make you suddenly rank better when you stop paying. At best, it might help some bloggers find you so that will write about your business – or otherwise help you to grow, but it’s not a long term fix by yourself.

Don’t be scared of SEO. It is something that you can do for yourself – but really it’s something that you should seek some external help from, at least to make sure that you’re on the right track.

Here are 5 more SEO myths:

Link Building SEO

How To Work On Building Links To Get Better Google Rankings

There are many ways to make Google give you a better ranking. You just have to avoid having your links considered spam because that could make it hard to get high in the results. You’ll find some mistakes to avoid and learn how to have more of a chance to get your pages linked to below.

The algorithm Google uses checks for people that spam site links all over the web. They used not to mind as much, but if you think about it, they are making a good choice not letting spammers take over the results due to how poor their content usually is. You need not to go around using software to make links appear all over the place. If you have a website with comment sections on it, you probably already have people trying to spam them, and that’s something to avoid if you want a good ranking!

Do you have a blog with high-quality content on it? Then you can try leaving comments on blogs with similar topics and just talk about something relevant. They probably will have a place for you to put your link in your comment but don’t just run around leaving your links without adding to any conversations. It may be better to just ask a blog owner if they could link to your site in one of their posts and you’ll do the same for them, but don’t do this with too many people too fast.

Links are good to have in text on other sites that contain actual good content. It’s helpful to have a few people you can work with on this or to just have the ability to pay someone to mention your site. Ads can be put up around the Internet if you pay, and you can have campaigned on social media sites where the goal is to get people to share statuses with your link in them. Never try to force your website into places people don’t want it because that just makes your link always be seen as a nuisance and get deleted.

Do not go and try to use a service that promises to get your links online all over in your niche. A lot of people use tactics that ignore what Google’s guidelines are, and that hurts your site. Even if you think it’s working at first, the chances are that it will be noticed that you’re trying to play the system, and they will quit giving you the good ranking you paid for. When that happens, there are not many options for your site, and you probably won’t get your money back from the company you bought the link placement services from.

If you run a Dental practice, then link building is going to be great for your SEO and, therefore, build your practice.  Potential patients will find you and contact you!  For more details on Dentist SEO, check out by the Dallas SEO Geek.

Building links to rank higher on Google is about avoiding spam and making sure your pages are liked by others. If you offer great information and content in general, it shouldn’t be hard to get linked to. Always keep your tactics legitimate and it will work in your favor.

Modern Day Marketing Tactics

The attention span of the average consumer in roughly 8 seconds, the average attention span of a goldfish is 9 seconds.  What is the relevance of this?  It means you have a better shot of interacting with a gold fish than a person.  It also means you have 8 seconds to convert your visitor from a browser to a customer.

Attracting the attention of your customers is harder now than it has ever been and modern marketing needs to rise to the challenges.  People are inundated with ads and companies vying for their attention that they have learned to filter it all out and ignore it.  So how does modern marketing tackle this challenge and get your message out in front of your customers.

Tell a story

It takes something out of the ordinary to attract your visitor’s attention.  There have been dozens of studies done over the years that show your audiences brains are more engaged by storytelling that by reciting facts and data.  Stop and think for a minute of the Superbowl ads, it is hands down the most expensive slot to pay for a commercial.  When it comes to these ads marketing firms bring out the best and many of these commercials win awards.

Case in point the Budweiser commercials with Clydesdales and the puppy, now what do horses and puppies have to do with beer.  Not a damn thing.  It does tell a story of two best friends that refuse to be separated, that tugs the heartstrings.  No the average business can’t afford a Superbowl commercial but you can take a lesson from them in storytelling.  Watch the video to see just how well it works.

Be Clever

Writing content for your website means you need to grab attention quickly, remember you only have 8 seconds so use them wisely.  One of the most common mistakes businesses make especially in communication is the use of language.  Stop sounding so “businessy”, learn about your target customer and speak the language they speak.  Virgin companies do this extremely well.  Don’t be afraid to be witty or funny.

Get to the Point

Remember those 8 seconds…don’t waste them.  Get to the point and do it quickly.  How does your product or service help them?  Visual images and video are extremely effective in capturing attention without wasting time and they convert far better than a straight text based ad.

If you only have 8 seconds of someone’s attention then the importance of knowing your customer is bigger than ever.  Every digital marketing campaign starts with understand your audience and how to get your product in front of them.

Digital Marketing Basics

Digital marketing is filled with trends, buzzwords and other jargon that gives the marketing community their sense of self importance.  Often the idea of digital marketing scares of business people who aren’t comfortable enough with technology to implement a strategy.  The reality is a lot different, here are some digital marketing basics.  Learn this first and then you can expand your digital marketing efforts from there.

Develop Your Brand

“Develop your brand” does sound like an example of digital marketing jargon but the idea is really simple.  What does your company stand for?  What makes you unique?  Take that information and make sure that every piece of marketing reflects that.  Make sure basic things like logos and taglines stay consistent on your websites, social media, email and everywhere else your business might be featured.  Consistency is key to developing your brand.

Search Engine Optimization

Almost everybody uses Google or some other search engine to find products or service online before they spend a dime.  If you run a local business the SEO is something you need to get familiar with and soon.  Digital marketing companies can help you reach the top of the search results pages when someone searches for a term related to your business.  SEO has one of the best ROI of any marketing campaign you can launch.

Content Marketing

There is a saying “content is king” which means that your site needs original content that is updated regularly.  Your site and content needs to be fresh and properly optimized to work on all devices.  The easiest way to keep your site updated with fresh content is to start a blog and contribute to it regularly.  Even small businesses can benefit from having a blog.

Social media

Social media, when used properly, can play a huge role in your marketing success.  The problem is most business owners don’t know how to tap into the potential of social media.  First pick two or three different platforms and focus on those.  Your first instinct is to choose Facebook, but the reality is Facebook has a pretty terrible level of engagement.  If you work in a visual medium like food, interior design, architecture or anything like that you may be better served by Pinterest.  If you cater to millennials then Snapchat has better engagement than any other platform.

Sales and Conversions

The whole purpose to having a marketing campaign is to turn browsers into customers.  Digital marketing campaigns are there to help you do that, they can also provide the tools to measure your results.  Tools like Google Analytics give you comprehensive information of where your visitors are coming from and what they do once they reach your site.  You can measure which campaigns turn into sales and conversions.  The fact that it is a free tool makes it that much better.